Stray Dogs: Rights in India

अहमात्मा गुडाकेश सर्वभूताशयस्थित: | अहमादिश्च मध्यं च भूतानामन्त एव च || I am seated in the heart of all living entities. I am the beginning, middle, and end of all beings. Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 10, Verse 20 Introduction Animal rights are under law to be treated with compassion, respect and dignity. Animals are sentient creatures […]

Public Interest Litigation : PIL

“Government will never be able do is only the people themselves who must utilize the law for the purpose of bringing justice at doorsteps of large masses of people of the country” Justice P.N Bhagwati Introduction Public Interest Litigation (जनहित याचिका) is a form of litigation to enforce public interest in court of law. […]

First Information Report

This blog covers complete aspects of FIR under the Criminal Procedural code,1973, its registration, consequences of non registration by informant and a police officer in charge of police station and its evidentiary value in court of law. Introduction The term FIR is not mentioned in any statutes but the statement of informant given to an […]


अवाच्यवादांश्च बहून्वदिष्यन्ति तवाहिता: | निन्दन्तस्तव सामर्थ्यं ततो दु:खतरं नु किम् || Your enemies will defame and humiliate you with unkind words, disparaging your might. Alas, what could be more painful than that? Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, verse 36. The right to reputation is part of right to personal security. Losing a limb and reputation are […]

Dying Declaration

The purpose of this article is to understand the principles of Leterm Mortem i.e the words said before death , which under Indian Law is Dying Declaration. This article throws light on the meaning of Dying Declaration it’s effect, essentials and principles, the difference in English and Indian law and the answer as to who […]

Anti Corruption Laws: Prevention Of Corruption Act

“Behind every great fortune there is a crime” Mario Puzo in Godfather series. India has witnessed worst scams relating to Public procurement be it 2g scam or coal scam. According to Transparency International, India ranks 80th out of 180 nations in corruption perception index. India tops the list of bribery rates with 39% in Asia. […]

Socialistic and Secular: Farrago of its inclusion and exclusion

A plea has been filed before Supreme Court seeking to remove the words ‘Socialistic’ and ‘Secular’ from the Preamble of our Constitution which were added through 42nd constitutional amendment act. In this blog let’s understand the pure concept of socialist and secular, the ever talked exclusion and inclusion of the terms in our constitution and […]

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