Freedom of Speech vis-à-vis It’s Exceptions

The Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression is one of the supreme rights recognized worldwide. Our Constitution also provides for the freedom of speech and expression under article 19(1)(a) and exceptions to the freedom in clause 2 of article 19. Having said that, this right is being misused to a greater extent. The religious […]

Hindu Succession Act : Daughter’s Equal Right To Property

This blog post is all about the recent judgement which elucidated the right of Indian daughters on the devolving of Property . Before Hindu succession act, 1956 the Shastric and Customary laws varied from region to region governed the devolving of property. All these laws were codified in Hindu Succession Act, 1956. This post revolves […]

The New Education Policy 2020

The Education Ministry unveiled India’s groundbreaking new education policy. In this blog post, I analyse the positives and negatives of the New Education Policy. How the multiple streaming option, vocational training has been finally introduced for school students. The 10+2 academic system has been changed to 5+3+3+4 system. Board exams have been made easier and […]

What is Section 144? The difference between 144 , Lockdown and Curfew.

The whole world is witnessing an exceptional situation which has disturbed all of us to a very great extent. This article is aimed at discussing the meaning of section 144, lockdown and curfew and the infinitesimal difference between these three. Introduction As  the new covid -19 spreads , words such as lockdown , section 144 […]

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