Indian Penal Code

First Information Report

This blog covers complete aspects of FIR under the Criminal Procedural code,1973, its registration, consequences of non registration by informant and a police officer in charge of police station and its evidentiary value in court of law. Introduction The term FIR is not mentioned in any statutes but the statement of informant given to an […]

Samyuktha Hegde : Case Study

This article sheds light on the recent Moral policing of Kannada Actress Samyuktha Hegde in Bengaluru and the laws guiding Public nuisance and decency and on other hand insulting the modesty of a woman. We will understand in short about moral policing, obscene acts, modesty and what insults the modesty of a woman. Samyuktha Hegde’s […]

What is Section 144? The difference between 144 , Lockdown and Curfew.

The whole world is witnessing an exceptional situation which has disturbed all of us to a very great extent. This article is aimed at discussing the meaning of section 144, lockdown and curfew and the infinitesimal difference between these three. Introduction As  the new covid -19 spreads , words such as lockdown , section 144 […]

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