Adipurush in Legal Trouble?

Prabhas starrer Adipurush was exposed to heavy trolling since the release of the teaser.

The movie was being trolled due to CGI  and now because of Hindu gods portrayal it might get into legal trouble

A Brahmin sect 'Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha' sent legal  notice to the director asking to remove controversial scenes within 7 days.

The notice was sent by Advocate Kamlesh Sharma on behalf of the Brahmin sect.

Scenes which depicted Hindu gods in wrong manner and improper manner.

Hindu gods were shown wearing leather shoes and lord Hanuman with shaved moustache which was never the part of Sanatan religion

Reportedly the Director of the Film compared Ravan with Khilji stating Khilji is today's depiction of a villain

They  could be held liable for hurting religious sentiments and spreading hatred and under various sections of IPC.

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