In Judgement of Roe V. Wade 1973

In Judgement of Roe V. Wade 1973

U.S Supreme Court held that restriction by States on abortion is unconstitutional

Justice Harry A. Blackmun held that woman's right of privacy is implicit in liberty of abortion

In Whole Womens Health V. Heller Stedt 2016

Again Supreme Court Struck down Texas law on abortion

In Dobbs V. Jackson Women's Health org. 2022 the Roe V. Wade judgement was overturned

Justice Samuel A. Alito held that there is no constitutional right to abortion.

October,2022 the U.S Supreme Court rejected petition to hear appeal on abortion.

Petition contended the Constitutional Rights of fetus.

Attorney for plaintiff said  the Supreme court denied petition without merits.

Although Abortion is legal in few States like Alaska, Alabama, Arizona and others with few restrictions.