9 Facts about Hinduism..

9 Facts about Hinduism..

The term Hindu was not in any Dharmashastra  or  any Indian language till it was given  by foreigners

Later after 16th century the term Hindu was used to identify people who were not Christians or Muslims.

All Hindu law originated from the Vedas (Shruti and Smriti)

All Hindu law originated from the Vedas (Shruti and Smriti)

Unlike other religion, Hindu does not claim any one prophet, it does not worship one God. 

Hindu Law is in two parts, Mitakshara in whole India and Dayabhaga- which prevailed in Bengal and Assam.

 Hindu law is the law of smriti as expounded in Sanskrit commentaries and digests which is modified by customs.

The development of Hindu religion  shows from time to time saints attempted to remove practices which were of corruption and superstition

This led to different sects like Sikh, Jain, Buddhism and many more.

Under this divergence, there is a kind of subtle unity which keeps them in sweep of Hinduism.

Hindu religion is marvelously catholic and elastic.

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